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Recorded video meetings in virtual exchange: a new frontier for pre-service teacher reflection




synchronous computer-mediated communication, virtual exchange, videoconferencing, learner autonomy, teacher reflection, higher education, professional development


This study examined a virtual exchange in which English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher candidates from Colombia were partnered with Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL) teacher candidates from the United States. The eight (n = 8) participants interacted via videoconference for six weeks. Additionally, they watched recordings of their video meetings in order to reflect on their experiences and what they noticed about their interactions (Schmidt, 1990). Results from qualitative data showed participants’ awareness of their professional identity and professional development. Additionally, incorporating a reflective component, based on watching recorded synchronous sessions, into virtual exchange is shown to be a valuable tool for making connections between theory and practice.

Author Biography

Chesla Ann Lenkaitis, Binghamton University

Chesla Ann Lenkaitis works as Assistant Professor at Binghamton University (Binghamton, New York, USA). She holds a PhD in Spanish with a primary concentration in Applied Linguistics. Her research interests focus on synchronous computer-mediated communication, virtual exchange, intercultural competence, and second language teaching and learning.





Research Articles