Practice Reports

Training for Virtual Exchange




intercultural communication, cultural intelligence, training, GVE methodology, classroom management


The article describes the training program introduced at East Carolina University (ECU) for the Global Understanding (GU) program and the Global Partners in Education (GPE) consortium. The aim of the training was to reinforce instructors’ intercultural skills and build on the well-known methodology of virtual exchange. Over one semester, the instructors attended face-to-face training sessions. These two-hour meetings focused on several pre-identified areas which needed increased instructor awareness: Cultural Intelligence (CQ), reflections, and classroom management, as well as teamwork and collaboration. The general outcomes of the training have seen an improvement in program delivery, classroom interaction, and student support. Additionally, the work in ECU highlights the need for intercultural training to be part of virtual exchange preparation alongside the well-known guides which provide instructors with the structure for conducting this type of modality. As is shown in this report, increased instructor awareness leads to more successful virtual exchange program delivery, pastoral support, and learner outcomes.





Practice Reports